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Before any formal coaching begins, I ask that you schedule a free, 30-minute “Get To Know You” session. During this conversation you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the coaching process, me as a coach, and/or any other questions you feel you need answered to decide whether I am the right coach for you. In turn, I will use this time to get a general sense of what you would like to focus and work on through coaching, why you think coaching would benefit you, and how you know you are ready to do this self-work now. In the end, this conversation is meant to provide the confidence, for both of us, that we are well-suited to work with one another.

Information Gathering: Getting to Know You

The best and most effective kinds of coaching are those methods that are tailored to each specific client. I do not believe in a “one-size fits all” or “one-size fits most” approach. Therefore, the first two sessions are specifically designed to establish and clarify the particular goal(s) you want to achieve through coaching, while also providing me with sufficient information about who you are, your history, your strengths, and your challenges.

All coaching sessions last one-hour, except for the second session. Prior to our first meeting I will ask you to complete a couple of written exercises that will inform and aid our conversation during the first session. In this first session, you will identify 1-3 concrete goals you wish to achieve through coaching. Once the goals are created we will talk about what you understand to be your strengths and resources for reaching your objectives, and also what you believe are the obstacles or challenges to accomplishing them.

Session Two is what I call the “Life Story Inventory.” Simply put, this inventory is a deep dive into who you are and your life’s experiences, especially those related to your goal(s). Although we may be focusing on achieving some things in a very specific area of your life, we are all whole people, and nothing happens in isolation or a vacuum. Therefore, this technique is designed to help me understand and appreciate the whole you, so that my coaching going forward is based upon the most complete picture and understanding of who you are. Since we will be talking about as much of your life as possible, this session is much longer than the usual one-hour allotment. For this session I ask clients to reserve three hours to talk, although we may not use all of it.

Making Progress: Doing the Work Together

The remaining coaching sessions, whether it’s one or one hundred, are focused and tailored to your specific journey. In these sessions, we will develop together (with your final say) mini-goals and objectives that move you towards achieving your larger aims. Additionally, we will identify any beliefs, behaviors, and social factors that are serving as barriers to your development and transformation, and pinpoint new thoughts, practices, and strategies that allow you to shift the dynamics and minimize these obstacles.

The time between coaching sessions is up to you, although I suggest no less than 2 weeks and no more than 5-6 weeks between sessions. Receiving coaching every 2-6 weeks gives you the time needed to thoughtfully and intentionally incorporate new practices and beliefs discussed in sessions into your life and provide the needed time to accomplish any tasks we’ve identified as necessary to accomplish your goal(s). The balance we always want to strike is between giving you a realistic amount of time to do what you need to do—given all the other demands in your life—and meeting regularly enough to build momentum and support for the changes you are making in your life. 

Touching-Base: Support Between Sessions

You are not alone between coaching sessions. During the weeks we don’t meet for an hour-long session, we will schedule a short 10-minute check-in to celebrate any recent accomplishments, address any challenges that have arisen, and provide encouragement to keep pressing ahead in your efforts. In addition to the 10-minute check-in, you will also receive a weekly affirmation text or e-mail. Lastly, in those instances when you need some quick advice or input and time is of the essence, I am only an e-mail away. However, please note that if it is an extensive question or issue that cannot be easily addressed via e-mail, I will ask that we use one of your coaching sessions in whole or in part to dive deeper in the issue/question you have raised.

All Good Things…: Concluding Our Work Together

Sometimes, depending on the goal(s) you have established to work on, it is easy to know when you have achieved them, which provides a natural end point for the coaching relationship. Other goal(s), especially those around emotions and spirituality, are not always super clear on when they have been reached. In these cases, I will periodically check in with you about how far you believe you have come in progressing towards your goal(s). Either way, please know you are in control, and can end or extend the coaching you receive at any point you desire.

Once you have attained your goal(s) for which you started coaching and implemented the shifts and changes you aspired to, we are able to proceed in one of three ways. The first, is to simply end coaching and rejoice in the work and transformation you have accomplished. The other two options depend on whether there are new goal(s) or areas in your life you would like to work on and address through coaching. If this is the case, we can jump right in and continue working together, or if you prefer to take a break and enjoy the success you have accomplished and return to coaching after a defined period, that is also a possibility.

No matter how we conclude our coaching time together, please know it is an honor and pleasure to be your coach and work with you!

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